"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

Oscar Wilde 

I am an adventurer, and a do-er of daring deeds, devoted to living my life in a way that is all-in … I’m all-in for the awesome, the awful, the hilarious and the hard, the triumph and the tribulation. Whether it’s building a multi-million pound business’, travelling the world (including by bike), running marathons, raising my son solo, and without school, supporting dozens of charities and raising crazy amounts of money for them, or just building things from old pallets, designing a range of gift cards, creating a new brand of vegan crackers, writing an award nominated song, or being an award winning storyteller and children’s book author/illustrator … I am always innovating, experimenting and adventuring in my life. I’m not special or different in any way, other than my outlook. I believe life is a gift, that we are meant to play with, to be passionate about, to be bold and brave and bodacious in our use of. I am not afraid of losing, of loss, of lack. I have made millions and lost them, and found myself happier for it (unexpected!), I have failed and f@&ked up in myriad, masterful ways and I have loved fiercely and ached for years from the loss of that love. But … I will be in my rocking chair as an old woman with a smile on my face, recalling thousands of precious, perfect moments, knowing that every tear cried, every drop of sweat spent, every all nighter, every aching muscle, was a price I would pay again and again for the joy that I have known. And I will slide happily into my grave knowing that I maxed out on the life I was given.

But sadly …

I agree with Oscar Wilde.

To live, truly, fully, bravely, boldly is the rarest thing in the world.

Despite it being the most worthwhile and wonderful thing in the world to do.

We all have a life. But we are not all alive.

Not alive, looks like mediocrity, feels like resignation, leads to limit and less than. There’s no passion, no sense of purpose. There’s no community, no connection, no collaboration. No compromise, no shared solutions. No vision. No big picture.

Not alive, means lives full of untapped, unrealised awesome.

Organisations the world over, have oceans of untapped awesome within them.

Imagine what our world, our workplaces, our homes, and our schools would look and feel like if we were all, all-in! If we were all boldly, bravely living, if we were all fully alive and unleashing all of our awesome!

I work with business’, schools, social enterprises, and conferences, to create events, workshops, spaces and places where life thrives - truly, madly, deeply, fully. Magic unfolds within these events, changing the lives of the people who attend, changing the places where they work, live and play. And the magic travels out into the world, changing it! All for the better.

All photography from the Travels of Susie and William