What people say about working with me

On stage at UKSTAR's London Conference - March 2018 - delivering my "Life Testing and Leaps of Faith" workshop

On stage at UKSTAR's London Conference - March 2018 - delivering my "Life Testing and Leaps of Faith" workshop


Susie Maguire is an outstanding OD / Learning consultant. I have worked with Susie on large-scale national and regional projects at Unilever. What sets her apart is an ability to understand her client’s needs and develop outcomes that are audacious, bold and game changing. She supports this with highly creative design techniques and output, with huge attention to detail. But the best part of working with Susie is the relationship she builds with you. She has a unique humanity about her. She gives fresh, new meaning to the over-used words: authenticity and empathy. She is a highly energetic, warm, creative, talented and prolific professional and I recommend her highly. Go on, things will never be the same!

Claudia Iton, Unilever


As CEO of Mitel Semiconductor, I hired Susie and her team at Ideas Unlimited to help me launch a massively ambitious program for growth and change.

What they created was truly one of the most amazing, life changing and transformative events I have ever experienced. 

Mitel Semiconductor had just acquired a global UK- based organization, following a string of smaller ones. This created a melting pot of cultures (Canadian, US, UK, Sweden, Japan, etc...) in need of alignment around a big vision. Ideas Unlimited and their founder Susie were selected for their thinking outside-the-box and their can-do attitude as well as their creativity, to design a 2-day event for our top 200 global leaders that would then roll out worldwide to all staff and be delivered by the members of the leadership team. 

The event created a level of engagement and ownership that went beyond anything I had seen before. It was truly daring in its design and faultless in its execution. 

Susie is a rare combination of brain, heart and art - a visionary and a creative who also has a deep understanding of people and business and delivers programs and events that have an impact beyond what you dare imagine could be possible.

I highly recommend Susie to anyone who has big organisational challenges to tackle. 

Francois Cordeau, Mitel Semi-Conductor


As a Compaq Business Performance Manager EMEA I worked with Susie Maguire in various projects. We have chosen Susie as a strategic partner because of the combination of some key competences that are difficult to get in the market:

- The extraordinary skill to listen. That makes her a great communicator

- An outstanding amount of creativity. Susie designed and performed EMEA wide workshops for us that thrilled the audiences and made it exciting and motivating to participate

- Her humour and positive spirit combined with a high level of professionalism made her a key contributor in the process of leading change through the organization

Our business environment was highly political, culturally extremely diverse (24 countries), highly competitive and very fast paced. Susie’s capacity to mindfully listen to people and to understand this very complex business context was key for her successful development of excellent seminars that fostered people in their desire for personal mastery.

Our cooperation was not only professionally successful, it was also great fun to work with her and her Ideas Unlimited partners.

I am looking forward to working with Susie again on any project related to people development, communication and leading change.

Peter Dilg, Compaq


I've know Susie for around 10 years. Susie was instrumental in inspiring me to start my own business in 2007. Susie is brilliant at helping people to find and follow their dreams. Her passion for people is infectious and her energy unbounded. If you are looking for someone to work with on either a one-to-one or group basis, Susie is amazing. If you want to get more specifics about how good Susie is, message me and I'd be happy to get back to you personally.

Craig Smith, PepsiCo


Susie and her team at Ideas Unlimited were creative geniuses when it came to finding ways to drive large scale group involvement and engagement in something new. In our case we did two flagship events - the first was the launch of a new Operating Model in Unilever Latin America where we had to inspire the commitment of the top 250 to a new org. structure and way of working. The second was with the same 250 working as a team in an amazing CSR type activity to transform a school (painting, landscaping etc) and kids football academy run by Gol de Letra in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Susie and her team were tireless and sometimes even a little crazy - but the impact we created was what mattered...She moved on to other endeavours...but her legacy lived on...and whatever she turns her hand to next will undoubtedly come with the same energy and imagination she has always demonstrated.

Peter Attfield, Unilever 


Total commitment, passion, energy and creativity are all part of Susie's approach to everything she does. She brought all these qualities - and more - to major change programmes at Compaq and Mitel, where I worked with her as a client. Susie not only possesses these qualities herself, but also inspires them in others to create meaningful, relevant and lasting organisational impact. She understands the demands of a business and the needs of its people and is able to translate this into clear and motivational communication - usually with a huge dollop of originality thrown in! Anything is possible when you work with Susie.

Sue Robbie - Compaq and Mitel Semi-Conductor


I’ve worked with Susie for over 20 years, initially when she was at Quest Worldwide and then subsequently in both her consultancies - Ideas Unlimited and love@work. Her passion, creativity, eye for detail and design are second to none. The work Susie produces genuinely does change people’s perceptions, the places they work and organisations alike. She is a joy to work with, her love and the passion she brings to what she does is infectious. I look forward to working with her again and again.

Jason McEachran - Room11


I worked for Susie for four years at Ideas Unlimited, helping to design and create large scale comms projects at Unilever, Compaq and Mitel. I can honestly say she was the most inspiring person I have ever worked for. Her creativity and energy are astonishing - she has the ability to pick you up and whirl you around and absorb you into her vision, and the end result was always greater than its parts - there were real results, people and organisations were changed for the better. Whatever Susie does, she brings her own special touch of creativity and passion to, and people see that.

Susannah Foreman, Ideas Unlimited


Susie Maguire is as passionate about her work and her clients as she is creative … and she is endlessly creative. Her work in the field of organisational change, leadership development, team development and communication with business’ engaged in global transformation, mergers/acquisitions and/or pursuing aggressive growth strategies is unparalleled. The ideas she comes up with to inspire, engage and grow people and organisations are immensely impactful and the skill and commitment she demonstrates in delivering her ideas ensures hugely successful outcomes.

Kathy Gibson - Bytes/Simmons Magee


When you work with Susie your mind-sets get turned upside down and you have the sometimes disconcerting and wonderful experience of daring greatly.

She challenges you (and me!) to dare to live a full, loving and courageous life.

Victor Marino, OD Consultant